Why You Need a Digital Business Card in 2024 and How to Create One

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February 6, 2024

The business card has long served as a popular way to share contact information with leads, potential employers, and others with whom a professional might network. However, a traditional paper business card may one day be a thing of the past.

Digital business cards have been growing increasingly popular in recent years. The following guide will explain why you need one and how you can create one if you haven’t already done so.

What is a Digital Business Card?

A digital business card serves the same essential purpose as a traditional business card. It shares information regarding how to contact you, where you work, and what your role may be at a company. However, while a traditional business card is a solid paper object, a digital business card typically consists of a file or QR code you can store in the cloud and share with others through the internet.

The main difference between digital business cards and traditional paper business cards is that digital business cards leverage technology to offer greater convenience to both the person giving someone their business card and the person receiving it. For example, with a digital business card, all it takes is a few taps for someone to save your contact information on their phone or other such device. This allows the individual receiving the card to more easily keep track of your info while giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’re unlikely to lose your information.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Business Cards?

Greater convenience is just one of the benefits that a digital business card can offer. Additional benefits to be aware of include the following:

Going green: A digital business card is naturally more eco-friendly than a traditional paper one. Be aware that research shows that consumers today are more likely to give a company their business if they know said company prioritizes sustainability. Thus, opting for a digital business card instead of a paper one could be a simple but effective way to make the right impression on potential customers.

Saving money: Paper business cards may not be prohibitively expensive, but you do need to order more every time you run out. The cost of ordering more business cards can add up over time. This isn’t an issue when you exclusively use digital business cards.

Always have a business card on hand: You need to remember to bring physical business cards with you virtually wherever you go for them to serve their purpose. If you don’t have a business card on hand at a critical moment, you may be unable to share your contact information in a professional manner. Again, this isn’t a concern when you have a digital business card you can share through your phone.

They’re designed for today’s workers: Remote work was already becoming increasingly common in the days before the COVID-19 pandemic. Post-pandemic, with many companies being forced to embrace remote work at least temporarily, it’s becoming even more popular. As such, sharing a digital card instead of a physical one may quickly become normal in the coming years.

They update easily: Your contact information can change for various reasons. Additionally, if you get a promotion, you may no longer have the same job title. With a traditional paper business card, you need to order more cards every time your contact information or job title changes. With a digital business card, you can make updates easily, saving yourself both time and money.

Digital business cards may also have added features that paper business cards don’t have, depending on the digital business card solution you use when generating your card. For example, some digital business cards allow users to share videos and other such files along with their cards, something that’s impossible to do with a paper business card.

Learn About Features and Pricing

Different digital business card solutions offer different features. Examples of extra features that some digital business card solutions offer include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

  • Capturing leads and exporting them to your chosen customer relationship management (CRM) tool
  • Customizing a digital business card to feature your company logo, color scheme, and other such branded visuals
  • The option to track when prospects view your business card
  • Setting up reminders to follow up with contacts
  • That’s by no means an exhaustive list. It’s wise to thoroughly research the digital business card solutions providers you’re considering, learning which ones offer the features you’re looking for at the price you can afford.

Prioritize Security

Before choosing a digital business card solution, research its security measures. You want to be confident your information will be safe.

Of course, you can always switch to a different provider if you’re not completely satisfied with your first digital business card. Regardless, once you make the switch, you’ll likely understand why more and more professionals are opting for digital business cards over traditional paper cards. The convenience and dynamic features they offer (all at an affordable price) simply can’t be matched.

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